Entertainment was different then too. There was domino qiu qiu online when there was no TV, and everyone listened to the radio. Early TV's were black and white and had a small screen tucked in a huge piece of furniture. The first color TV set was the RCA CT-100, which came out in March of 1954 and sold for one thousand dollars, more than the pric… Read More

Now, if you know your players well, and have taken notes in this game or others, you may have opportunity to make position moves. When you are late in position, that's the time to re-raise players who may be over aggressive, maniacal, gun shy, or min-raising chumps who like to see flops. Watch for these rare spots to chip up, otherwise, stay out of… Read More

John works on James to get the whereabouts of Cole. Ha I was right the motel is in Pine valley. (There must be only one flea bag motel between Llanview and Pine Valley... Bed bugs anyone?) John talks to Jesse in PV, no Cole.I suggest instead of abandoning your goals altogether and say, "see whenever I want something for myself I can never get it, t… Read More

Jackie had a few Top 40 hits in 1961 and 1962 but it was 1963 when he returned with the force of a tornado. His own composition, "Baby Workout", with all of its innuendo and full-strength vocals covering Jackie's entire range rocketed him back to the charts, reaching Number 5.Is it because you need training, do you have to go back to school and wha… Read More

"I don't want yer whiskey on the house. After back-talking me like that, I'm gonna go take me a whore, on the house. I tell you what, after I'm done with her, she's lucky if she doesn't look as bad as you do right now" Jasper drunkenly mumbled.There is nothing to add here about Michael Jackson that has not been said since his untimely and sad death… Read More